The Naval and Maritime Consortium is a network of companies that collectively addresses challenges, shares solutions, collaborates on opportunities, and capitalizes on the growing national undersea, maritime, and offshore wind supply chains.

The naval undersea economy is growing, and this growth provides opportunities for economic development across Connecticut and the region. With the increased production of the VIRGINIA Class from two to three submarines a year, the VIRGINIA Payload Module, and the new COLUMBIA class of ballistic missile submarines, there is a once in a generation opportunity for companies to do business with the Navy and in the submarine supply chain. In addition, the Naval and Maritime Consortium is laying the groundwork to maximize opportunities for members in the emerging US offshore wind power supply chain.

Through a partnership with the University of Connecticut, the Consortium promotes maritime innovation and supports the implementation of the new generation of technologies and cutting-edge solutions to for the maritime energy. Our network of local labor organizations, regional innovators, and industry leaders ensures that the New England maritime economy is positioned to improve products, reduce costs, and to develop the next generation of the maritime workforce.

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Executive Director
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