Ignite sparks ideas, businesses, and innovative growth in the Thames River region by producing events, sponsoring education, and connecting entrepreneurs with a business development support system. We are committed to growing the economy of southeastern Connecticut, starting high value businesses locally, and supporting innovation and entrepreneurs in our region. To learn more click here.

Ignite is anchored at BioCT Innovation Commons in Groton and collaborates with the Commons and all the TRIP partners, as well as with others in the business development ecosystem in southeastern CT.

Our Vision:

We envision a southeastern Connecticut with a vibrant economy and connected community. Our locale offers beautiful vistas of the Long Island Sound, a rich history, a varied cultural life, and residents from many walks of life who bring with them vast knowledge, experience, and ideas. Bioscience, technology, engineering, and education are just a few of the areas in which we have expertise and partners.

We know great possibilities exist here for innovative businesses. We are here to help make these businesses a reality.

Our Goal:

To see new high value businesses make the Thames River region their place to work, live and play. Through Ignite, we will support start-ups by helping them get off the ground, and assist young companies grow and scale. Success means new businesses calling Groton or New London home while growing our economy and creating jobs.

Our Programs:

Our programming will provide education, access to resources, and opportunities to make meaningful business connections through regular and one-time events. Programs include:

• Mentoring
• Entrepreneur Education and Resources
• Networking
• STEM education programs

For more information on these opportunities and for a calendar of upcoming events, please click here.


Emma Palzere-Rae, Ignite Program Manager
(860) 383-5939