Community Concierge

Community Concierge is eastern CT’s 21st-century ‘Welcome Wagon.’ It is a comprehensive tool for new arrivals to become acquainted with living, working, and playing in New London, Groton, and beyond.

Our Vision:

Community Concierge was spurred by the influx of new hires at General Dynamics, Electric Boat, and other key employers—who are eager for a procedure to better welcome “out-of-towners” and help them feel comfortable within the community.

Community Concierge accomplishes this by connecting Newcomers with local “Connectors,” volunteers who are knowledgeable about the region, to answer questions and provide guidance.

Our Goal:

To foster stronger connections with new friends and neighbors in New London, Groton, and beyond by offering a digital relocation package highlighting local services and town-specific information as well as listings of professional opportunities, offered with family members in mind. It will also feature an online business directory, as well as a tool for volunteer engagement.


Megan Cronin, Director of Programs,

Courtney Assad, Program Coordinator,

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