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Our Goal:

To establish an industrial consortium that enhances the global competitiveness of Connecticut’s naval undersea supply chain by identifying and addressing issues that hinder participation in the supply chain and encouraging local area firms to expand their offerings to meet demand.

Our Programs:

The Consortium will organize networking activities that will focus on industry needs and strengthening of partnerships amongst naval supply chain companies across Connecticut. The robust ecosystem will help CT companies to secure more contracts from EB and other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) worldwide. At the same time, this robust and reliable supply chain will allow EB to be highly successful in meeting the Navy’s production requirements.

The Consortium will leverage UConn resources to promote technology insertion within the supply chain and pursue federal funding for technology development and transition. These activities will promote innovation and startup opportunities while also creating economic diversity within the supply chain. The Consortium will also partner with UConn and other Connecticut universities/colleges to develop targeted strategies and programs to address workforce development needs specific to the naval supply chain. These programs will ensure that the naval supply chain ecosystem has a reliable and highly trained pool of talent. The main office and network hub will be located at UConn Avery Point Campus to leverage geographic proximity to Electric Boat and the Submarine Base.